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Hello, Carats! Mwave announced that Seventeen will be doing signed albums for their 5th mini album, “You Make My Day.” Each album bought will be signed by a random member. Therefore, to maximize the chance of getting a desired member’s signature and photocards, we will be doing a group order!

We’re worried about the availability of the signed albums because they might sell out quickly, so we will order a few albums in advance before the forms are up based on the interest garnered from this post. We would prefer shipping to USA residents, but if you live outside of the USA and really want to join, contact us and we will work something out.

Thank you so much for your interest! We will keep this blog updated with more information about shipping prices and etc, and we will be posting the order form ASAP. Keep in mind, signatures and photocards will be distributed on a first pay, first serve basis, so please follow us and turn on notifications to stay updated! Feel free to send an ask or message us if you have any questions.