“Talented dancer and choreographer. Always grinning with plenty of charm!”

What kind of person? Real name is Kwon Soonyoung. One older sister. Seventeen’s choreographer and Performance team leader.

S.COUPS: When there are hardships, or sad times, the leadership seems to slip from myself, he’s a supportive presence for me. When I was a trainee, mentally I was weak, so I thought it would be good if Hoshi became the leader. I’m grateful to him.

JEONGHAN: Hoshi has a good sense of pride, he’s a person that knows its okay to love themselves. Because he is proud, he does not compromise, and always does the best at what he needs to do. He is also charming.

JOSHUA: On stage he’s really cool, but usually he seems like a baby, he’s cute (lol).

JUN: Passionate on stage, his dancing and singing ability… everything is an endless pursuit of perfection! In the dorms, our beds are next to each other, but even if we are in bed, we have to review the footage of previous stages. He is always finding improvements.

WONWOO: He’s the person I have the longest relationship with, we get along very very well, we’re really close. Even when it comes to watching TV, even without consulting each other, we want to watch the same thing. No matter how much we joke or play around, we don’t get sick of each other.

WOOZI: Seventeen’s energy. I think you can understand this when you see him on stage, but he really is jumping all the time. The power that guy has is so great, it has a good influence on the other members. He’s a person who always thinks about the group.

THE8: On stage, he has a charisma that is hard to approach, but off stage he is cute and friendly, a person whose charm is attractive. If you’re in trouble, you can reach out to him. In Seventeen, I am the way I am thanks to Hoshi.

MINGYU: A very passionate person. He does what he wants to do, he’s head strong. I think he’s easy to understand, and he’s straight forward, which is a good point of Hoshi-hyung’s personalty.

DOKYEOM: He’s a cute hyung, who has a cool and professional side to him as well. He’s a hyung who has a lot of charm in one body.

SEUNGKWAN: I think the amount of energy he releases on stage is truly staggering, hyung moves passionately for Seventeen. He’s older, but has a lot of cute aspects. But occasionally he will tell you, “this is important to me,” like he’s my father (lol).

VERNON: Because he’s conscious of his professionalism, he’s a person who won’t show how tired he is in front of our fans. Maybe it’s surprising, but among the members we are particularly close, and we can hang out just the two of us. He is very easy to talk to, and Hoshi-hyung would say the same about me.

DINO: A person who understands me more than anyone else. Even if he’s not near me, I still feel like he’s beside me. He listens to my troubles, and we think together. Even if our opinions differ, I listen to everything Hoshi-hyung says, and learn from him.

taken from ANAN magazine: Seventeen Finally in Japan! Special
trans cr: @captainoates