I’m just curious. Since you translate a lot of Seventeen’s stuff, in your opinion, who has the most difficult handwriting to decipher and who’s is the easiest?

haha this is such a cute ask! ok i ended up describing each person’s hand writing instead lolol, but to answer your question:

people whose interviews i usually go to first to translate (easiest for ME to decipher): cheol, jeonghan, mingyu, minghao, seokmin, jun
the last people i try to translate (most difficult): jihoon, hoshi, chan (his is a special case)

here’s the overall description for each member hehe:

cheol: cursive upward slant to right, pretty neat, words distinguishable
jeonghan: legible but too much pressure, words get squished, still legible
hosh: alien scripture, he doesn’t fully write the syllables, words sometimes look incomplete OTL like this: his J, G, U, O…


jun: pretty clear, words really big and defined (i realised that most foreigners even me, write like this, something like maybe hesitation when writing? or like when you aren’t too familiar with the words)
mingyu: a bit spidery, chicken scratch-ish, still legible
minghao: kinda like jun’s (signature foreigner handwriting haha)
seokmin: neat in it’s own way, fansign replies are pretty 😀
chan: very neat, but too much pressure, it’s VERY CLEAR but somehow a bit hard to decipher, i don’t understand why
jihoon: …little tiny floaty words, also not completely formed like hoshi’s
wonwoo: pretty clear, looks a lil like cheol’s
boo: very dinstinct style, like calligraphy, a bit hard to read when he writes them small because they kinda stick tgt, kinda spidery but pretty
joshua: also has a bit of the jun/the8 type handwariting, widely spaced, defined letters
vernon: widely spaced, a bit like jeonghan’s handwriting