Yet another anon haha but can that be pronounc…

Yet another anon haha but can that be pronounced as “bitch” anyway?? I swear I’ve heard it pronounced that way in some raps (probably on purpose) so I was wondering if it was something like a different (and wrong) pronunciation that natives would still understand?

asljalfj well i’m not a native speaker but it could sound that way if they use ‘빛이’. it’s not a /wrong/ pronunciation, per se… rappers tend to emphasize enunciation so the delivery and flow would be precise. it just depends what follows the word. by itself, it’s ‘bit’ (with a long e) but it depends on the conjugation

if it’s followed by a particle that is a vowel (빛이 or 빛은) then it would consequently be pronounced ‘bichi or ‘bicheun’ if the next syllable starts with a consonant sound, however, it would be kept as ‘bit’ (for example, 빛나리 would be ‘bitnari’)

I find it really cute that Jeonghan and Seungk…

I find it really cute that Jeonghan and Seungkwan spoke Vietnamese, even if it’s just basic sentences. It really shows that they go out of their way to really communicate with us, even if it’s a hard language. (Also, their pronunciation was really adorable and it made me laugh and feel soft.)

we thought it was really cute too!! their “hello” pronunciation was really accurate, but the two of us (that actually speak vietnamese) found it hard to decipher the last “see you later!” sentence LOL their effort is really much appreciated though ahhhh we were so excited when we heard them attempt to speak it still;;