“Talented dancer and choreographer. Always grinning with plenty of charm!”

What kind of person? Real name is Kwon Soonyoung. One older sister. Seventeen’s choreographer and Performance team leader.

S.COUPS: When there are hardships, or sad times, the leadership seems to slip from myself, he’s a supportive presence for me. When I was a trainee, mentally I was weak, so I thought it would be good if Hoshi became the leader. I’m grateful to him.

JEONGHAN: Hoshi has a good sense of pride, he’s a person that knows its okay to love themselves. Because he is proud, he does not compromise, and always does the best at what he needs to do. He is also charming.

JOSHUA: On stage he’s really cool, but usually he seems like a baby, he’s cute (lol).

JUN: Passionate on stage, his dancing and singing ability… everything is an endless pursuit of perfection! In the dorms, our beds are next to each other, but even if we are in bed, we have to review the footage of previous stages. He is always finding improvements.

WONWOO: He’s the person I have the longest relationship with, we get along very very well, we’re really close. Even when it comes to watching TV, even without consulting each other, we want to watch the same thing. No matter how much we joke or play around, we don’t get sick of each other.

WOOZI: Seventeen’s energy. I think you can understand this when you see him on stage, but he really is jumping all the time. The power that guy has is so great, it has a good influence on the other members. He’s a person who always thinks about the group.

THE8: On stage, he has a charisma that is hard to approach, but off stage he is cute and friendly, a person whose charm is attractive. If you’re in trouble, you can reach out to him. In Seventeen, I am the way I am thanks to Hoshi.

MINGYU: A very passionate person. He does what he wants to do, he’s head strong. I think he’s easy to understand, and he’s straight forward, which is a good point of Hoshi-hyung’s personalty.

DOKYEOM: He’s a cute hyung, who has a cool and professional side to him as well. He’s a hyung who has a lot of charm in one body.

SEUNGKWAN: I think the amount of energy he releases on stage is truly staggering, hyung moves passionately for Seventeen. He’s older, but has a lot of cute aspects. But occasionally he will tell you, “this is important to me,” like he’s my father (lol).

VERNON: Because he’s conscious of his professionalism, he’s a person who won’t show how tired he is in front of our fans. Maybe it’s surprising, but among the members we are particularly close, and we can hang out just the two of us. He is very easy to talk to, and Hoshi-hyung would say the same about me.

DINO: A person who understands me more than anyone else. Even if he’s not near me, I still feel like he’s beside me. He listens to my troubles, and we think together. Even if our opinions differ, I listen to everything Hoshi-hyung says, and learn from him.

taken from ANAN magazine: Seventeen Finally in Japan! Special
trans cr: @captainoates



“Cool and sexy, with a keen mind. However, his real nature is the gamer of the group.”

What kind of person? Real name is Jeon Wonwoo. One younger brother. Looks, face, personality, all together cool. He is cool, calm and collected. Likes reading and games, likes to draw on and add to his considerable knowledge. Has a deep voice, he’s the type to love to crawl about in the dirt. Spends a lot time reading, which reflects in his lyrics. His own world is important, and he gives into the things he likes.

S.COUPS: He’s my gaming partner (lol). We have other similar things that we like, but among the members we spend the longest time together. He understands 100% of my feelings when things are mentally hard, and he’s a very broad-minded person.

JEONGHAN: It’s said that Wonwoo loves games! Truthfully, he’s very kind. But he will always say properly what he has to say.

JOSHUA: His appearance is cool, but in his heart he is a warm and good kid.

JUN: He’s cool, calm and collected. Other members get nervous or anxious, but he is never perturbed. As far as I know, he’s never made a mistake on stage. When it comes to games though, he gets excited, and a little noisy (lol). We’re the same like that!

HOSHI: Gamer (lol). He always brings a laptop with games on it with him. He’s skillful enough that I think sometimes, “maybe he made a mistake in his career choice!” Truthfully, his pro-gamer ranking his quite high, he would have been successful if he went down that path.

WOOZI: To say it simply, he’s cool, calm and collected. He looks cool and chic, doesn’t he? Because we are the same age, most of the time we get up to a lot of mischief together. He’s chill, we have a really good friendly relationship.

THE8: The one thing you can’t not say when asked about Wonwoo-hyung, is games. He’s really good. Maybe he only thinks about games (lol). But, he thinks about things firmly, and even though he only says a few words, he says what he needs to say completely.

MINGYU: I like to play outside, but Wonwoo-hyung is the kind of person that wants to stay at home. Even though we are completely different types, who doesn’t really talk about his feelings much, he really is like an older brother to me.

DOKYEOM: His personality is quiet, but lately I feel like there are more weight to what he says. He really loves mischief, and loves talking about interesting things, he really is a passionate person.

SEUNGKWAN: I don’t know why I love him (lol). He looks unsociable, but I really like Wonwoo-hyung’s feeling of solitude. I love you hyung 💓.

VERNON: When we are all together, he will crack jokes or pull a prank. But when it’s just the two of us, he will show his more serious side, and be close with me. He likes to do things by himself, he often goes to exhibitions or aquariums by himself.

DINO: The righteous path of the tsundere (hot/cold personality). If we eat dinner together just the two of us, I worry to myself as we eat quietly, “did I do something?” But then after we finish eating, he might suddenly invite you somewhere, like, “should we go to the aquarium?” He’s really quite kind! I’ve heard this is what someone called a tsundere is like (lol).

taken from ANAN magazine: Seventeen Finally in Japan! Special
trans cr: @captainoates



“Loves to eat, talk, and of course, loves to sing.”

What kind of person? Real name is Boo Seungkwan. Has two older sisters. Is good at talking, has an amazing ability to turn things around. He is a big success on variety programs and as a MC. His singing voice warmly reflects his personality.

S.COUPS: He’s the person who thinks about the group the most. If I don’t want to do something, or can’t be there, he takes on the leader responsibility. I’m always thankful for his help, he’s good at keeping the peace. I can rely on him easily.

JEONGHAN: He always thinks of Seventeen before himself, of how to move forward. He’s a trustworthy member, and to me he is a cute little brother.

JOSHUA: He’s not only cute. He’s always thinking of the group before himself, our lovable little brother.

JUN: The teams mood-maker. It’s said that, “Seventeen has variety skills,” but that’s only because of Seungkwan. His vocal ability is outstanding. When he is singing a ballad, this is the true image of Seungkwan.

HOSHI: I think CARATs already know this, but his love for his fans is impressive. His greatest weapons are his cuteness and fun. When we came to Japan, we were in the hotel room together eating a lot of food, and his chewing was super cute.

WONWOO: He is always thinking about how to make songs better, how to know more about everyone, always thinking of Seventeen as a group. He’s younger, but very dependable.

WOOZI: An interesting kid. Although he’s younger, he has many qualities that I want to emulate. It’s his duty to be bright and liven up a situation, and I think he feels this responsibility keenly. Because of this I always tell him, “you’re amazing.”

THE8: He’s the person who thinks the most about the team and it’s members. He cares about people, is thoughtful of others, he has a gentle companion kind of feeling, he is talkative, thinks deeply. All these things and more Seungkwan possesses.

MINGYU: As every CARAT already knows, he’s a really funny person. But when I think of all he does for the group, I am very grateful for him, and a little sorry that he shoulders so much of the burden. When I see Seungkwan working hard, I think that I too should work harder.

DOKYEOM: To say it in a word, he’s a great kid. He is always the funny mood-maker in Seventeen, he contributes and leads us wherever we go. He really is family.

VERNON: He’s the only person the same age as me in the group. Seungkwan loves me. Sometimes I suffer from the way he overly expresses his excessive love for me (lol). Because I get that he likes me, please don’t pinch my cheeks anymore!

DINO: Even though he usually acts like a comedian, when he sings he becomes a different person. I’m always impressed by his amazing vocal ability. We had the same training period together. As the maknae line, we’ve spent a lot of time together, so we have similar mindsets.

taken from ANAN magazine: Seventeen Finally in Japan! Special
trans cr: @captainoates