Why is making a phone call to my university so…

Why is making a phone call to my university so hard I’m practically trembling like I seriously need help coping with these sort of things. If you have any tips on reducing social anxiety I would greatly appreciate it and I’m asking you cause you’re one of my fave blogs!! Hope you have a nice day ☺️💝

Hey anon! Making phone calls makes me anxious and nervous too, so know that you’re not alone ❤

First of all, take deep breaths until you’re completely relaxed or until your trembling has calmed down. I usually write down or type up the things I want to say, so I don’t miss any details (this is extremely helpful for me). This experience is kind of like doing a speech in public-speaking class (maybe? lol). You write down what you want to say, and then practice saying it out loud. Keep in mind that even if you’re nervous, it’s okay since you’re more nervous than what you actually sound like to other people. You may think you’re trembling, but most of the time others will not notice. Good luck anon~

– V